“Cold Fever” -The 2015-16 Selection


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Atsushi Hirata’s parents loved Iceland. However, on their final visit, they died at the site of a remote river. Seven years later Hirata, a young Tokyo executive, is planning his annual golf trip to Hawaii when his grandfather convinces him to change plans and go to Iceland to perform a memorial where his parents died.

In Cold Fever (1995) Hirata journeys through Iceland to perform his parent’s memorial, traveling in an ancient Citroen. On the road he encounters a kaleidoscopic view of the Icelandic countryside and its inhabitants. In this trek, he meets an Icelandic Male choir, exploding icebergs, ghosts, Brennevin, and an Icelandic country western band. On his unique cross-cultural journey he not only discovers a new land, but also learns important things about himself.

Cold Fever was directed by Oscar nominee Fridrik Thor Fridriksson, (Children of Nature). He founded the Icelandic Film Corporation, the main film production house in Iceland. He also directed Devil’s Island, Angels of the Universe and Mamma Gógó. He has written or produced over thirty films.

Now in its fifth year, the Donald K. Johnson Icelandic Film Series brings Icelandic films to local Icelandic clubs across North America. Funded by a generous grant from Donald K. Johnson, the licensing fees for the films are purchased for each club’s showing. The club selects the venue, the showdate and hosts the screenings.

Past films in the Donald K. Johnson Icelandic Film Series include From Turf Cottage to the Cover of Time: The Dramatic Life of Holger Cahill, Tears of Stone, Living With Lava, Dreamland, Iceland: Europe’s Wild Gem, and Seagull’s Laughter.



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