Film Series Showdates

Confirmed Showdates:


Sept. 17: Toronto, Ontario- Icelandic Canadian Club of Toronto, 7 pm, Lady Eaton Theatre, Ryerson University.

Sept. 17: Winnipeg, Manitoba- Icelandic Canadian Fron

Oct 20: Wynyard, Saskatchewan- Vatnabyggd Icelandic Club.

Nov. 14: Gimli, Manitoba- Gimli Icelandic Canadian Society Lady of the Lake Theatre in the Waterfront Centre.

Nov. 22: Brandon, Manitoba- Icelandic Canadian Club of Western Manitoba: showtime 7:00 pm at the Riverbank Discovery Center, 1-545 Conservation Drive, Brandon, MB

Dec. 12: Ottawa- Ottawa Friends of Iceland.


United States:
Sept. 19: Blaine, Washington-Blaine Icelandic Heritage Society, 6 pm Blaine Public Library.

Sept. 24: Seattle, Washington- Icelandic Club of Greater Seattle, 7 pm Nordic Heritage Museum.

Nov. 2: Mountain, North Dakota- Icelandic Communities Association, Saturday. 2 pm Mountain Community Center.


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